Romance is alive and well if you know where to look… and we are looking at the Fredericksburg region.

If you’re planning a romantic escape, you need to take into consideration how extreme Virginia weather can be. It can be 11 degrees one day and 67 the next.

For warmer days…

Slow down and get some fresh air with your loved one. The views along the Rappahannock River Heritage Trail, Chatham Manor, or the Fredericksburg Quarry Trail are some of the best in Fredericksburg. You also get the added benefit of exercising with your partner, which has proven to strengthen relationships. Finish off your walk with a nostalgic trip to Carl’s Frozen Custard. They open February 15th!

Too cold to even think about going outside, or is the mud killing all romance for you?

Then it’s time to embrace your inner hygge-master. In other words: Get cozy and focus on relationships. After all, romance isn’t about huge gestures, it’s about celebrating the person you love and making them feel special. To meld hygge with romance ditch the phones (seriously) and linger over a hot meal together at a cozy restaurant, listen to music you love, or relax at a local coffee shop. Here are a few of our favorites! 

The default for a night in tends to be a movie or Netflix. While we love a movie night, in this instance you need to be a little more self-aware. Screens tend to draw your attention away from the person you’re with and kill the cozy-romantic vibe. Hence, our earlier suggestion for ditching the phone. One exception? Go out and see a movie! Paragon Village 12 and Regal Cinemas (Spotsylvania) both offer recliner seating now. It’s perfect for that indulgent, special, cozy vibe you’re looking for!

A few more suggestions, regardless of the weather…

If your loved one is a sweets fiend, indulge them at the Frenchman’s Corner in downtown Fredericksburg, Baslico Deli or Mimi’s Sugar and Spice Cakes Cupcakes in Spotsylvania or The Icing Baking Company in Stafford County.

The Log Cabin Restaurant

Nothing beats a fine dining experience in a romantic atmosphere! Here are a few places that will make your loved one feel extra special. Don’t forget to make reservations!

If comfort food is the way to their heart, you can’t go wrong with Mason Dixon Cafe in downtown Fredericksburg and Stafford County. Harry’s Ale House (Spotsylvania) also has a great vibe and a menu full of comfort food; not to mention the impressive craft beer selection!

Speaking of craft beer…

Several of our local breweries are having Valentine’s Day events. There’s definitely something for everyone!

Note all events are on Valentine’s Day except for Highmark Brewery’s. Please call ahead to make reservations. Events subject to change. 

If wine is more your speed…

Potomac Point Winery is taking reservations for either a romantic 3 course dinner on Valentine’s Day, or a special dessert and wine paring on February 15th.


Potomac Point Winery


“Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dessert & wine pairing! Enjoy the ambiance of our Wine Cellar, while nibbling on four selections of decadent desserts paired perfectly with Potomac Point wines. Tickets must be purchased in advance,.”

Honestly though…

The truest way to a person’s heart is letting them rest. No one ever said, “Wow, this tension headache really feels romantic.” Set the mood by giving your loved one ( and you! ) a spa day. You are sure to find a spa package that suit both of you at any of these locations:


Written by Brenda Sapanghila

Last Updated:
May 13, 2020