Whether you’ve been together for years— or just a few weeks— downtown Fredericksburg is the perfect locale to fall in love.

You saw former NFL player Colton Underwood and 2018 Miss North Carolina USA Caelynn Miller-Keyes Monday night during her hometown date. The Fredericksburg-area native and one of four final
bachelorettes vying for Colton’s heart showed off her local family and the city we all love during a special two-hour episode of “The Bachelor.”

You, too, can have a special hometown date:

Take a carriage ride

Caelynn and Colton took in the historic sights on one of Fredericksburg’s magical carriage rides.

Fredericksburg’s Olde Town Carriage Tours cover 40 blocks of historic neighborhoods, showcasing the city’s unique architecture and charm. Tour-takers will see sights like Kenmore Plantation, the Renwick Courthouse, the James Monroe Museum and many others during the 45-minute tour.

Tickets are sold at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, and the carriages leave there every hour. The center is also a good place to find out more about local tours.

As well as being informative, a carriage ride is a good way to talk and bond like Caelynn and Colton did.

Jai-Leah Miller Kamenicky, Caelynn’s mother, said about working with
the show, “Our experience has been very positive…from the producers
before, during and after filming, to the amazing production crew
during the hometown shoot. Everyone has been professional and
courteous and has had Caelynn’s best interests at heart. While this is
an entertainment show, I believe it has sparked some important and
necessary conversations. We are really proud of Caelynn for her
strength, courage and determination.”

Visit a local food landmark

The couple also visited Carl’s Frozen Custard. The stand, opened in 1947 by Carl Sponseller, is located at 2200 Princess Anne St. It’s an actual landmark, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Share a milkshake there, or get your own cones, in Carl’s classic vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or pineapple flavors.

The stand just reopened for the season on Feb. 15, in time for your hometown date.

Fredericksburg Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw supported the visit from
the show and said landmarks in the city like Carl’s are “a wonderful
place to spend time… with a variety of options for those who love
authentic history, vibrant arts, eco/river tours, unique shopping and
great food! We were thrilled to share all that our City has to offer!”

Take a walk

There’s no shortage of views in Fredericksburg.

A walk along the Sunken Road on the Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park allows couples to take in vistas from the city’s highest point. Along the path is historic mansion Brompton, a spectacular view in itself, and now home to the University of Mary Washington’s president. UMW offered Brompton as a setting for Colton and Caelynn’s date.

“We are proud of our campus,” said Troy Paino, president of University of Mary Washington. “It’s a beautiful treasure of tradition and history. And we were happy that Colton and Caelynn were able to
experience it, too.”

Bachelor Nation knows how much Colton loves shopping for Caelynn, in Singapore and downtown. A stroll down the Caroline Street shopping district is good for window-shoppers who want to take in the elaborate retail windows, or those looking for clothing, books, high end chocolates, kitchenware and much more.

End your walk through Market Square, at the Fredericksburg Area Museum and its rose garden— you’ve picked a winner.

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Written by Lindley Estes.

Photos from The Bachelor Hometown Dates episode on February 25, 2019

Last Updated:
February 26, 2019