During the spring and summer seasons, you may wake up early on weekend mornings to head to the Farmers Market. This year you can do the same but the way you gather your weekly finds will be a little different. In uncertain times, our local Fredericksburg regional farmers markets are still open. We encourage you to shop safely while supporting our community of local farms and small business vendors. Here are the details on where you can shop outdoors for produce bursting with flavor, homemade items, pretty flowers and more.

Spotsylvania Farmers Market
Website | Facebook
Commuter Lot on Rte 3/Gordon Rd
Saturdays | 8 am – 1 pm
**Wednesday Market at Spotsylvania Medical Center opening day is to be determined.
SFM is asking customers to wear face masks when shopping at the market (vendors and staff will be wearing them too!). Second, vendors will still have an abundance of items to purchase, but they will not be displaying them in their booths in the way you are used to. Instead, they will provide a sample display of their available products and a menu or list of items and prices for you to choose from. You’ll order what you want, pay (cashless where possible), and be on your way. View all the health safety procedures here.
Pre-Order is strongly encouraged. Pre-ordering enables you to shop from the convenience of your home and keeps your time at the market quick. You can view the pre-order options here.
Please send just one person to do the shopping or pick up your order, enter ONLY at the main market entrance, keep your visit as short as possible, avoid touching products or surfaces, and maintain social distancing at all times.

Long Sunday Market – Stafford
Website | Facebook
Staffordboro (Rt 610) Commuter Lot
Sundays | 9 am to 12 pm
LSM is a Drive Thru Market. Patrons will be allowed to drive up to pick up pre-ordered items and to select items available. Patrons will not be permitted to exit their vehicles or have physical contact with any products within the marketplace. The Market Management/Information tent will be closed. There will be no tokens exchanged or accepted. Please take a credit/debit card for payments. Some Businesses WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH! Whenever possible, please contact the businesses directly ahead of time with pre-orders as well as pre-payment. This will ensure your items are ready for you to pick up and assist with avoiding further handling of products and cash. Only Producers and their staff may handle the products. Customers, please remain inside your vehicle and do not touch any produce or other products until after items have been purchased, packaged and handed off to you. View all the health safety procedures here.
View Pre-Order info here. See the drive thru map and updated info on their Facebook page.

Fredericksburg Farmers Market
Website | Facebook
Hurkamp Park
Saturdays (starting May 16) | 7 am to 2 pm
All shoppers are recommended to wear masks and gloves. When you arrive, if the park looks too busy for your comfort level, or if there is a line of people waiting to get into the park, please consider coming back in 30-45 minutes. Heaviest shopping times have been 8:30am – 10:30am, so consider arriving a little later in the day. Three entrances will be available to the Farmers Market: 1) Corner of William Street and Prince Edward Street, 2) Corner of Prince Edward Street and George Street, 3) and the corner of George Street and the alley of the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad Building. These will be the ONLY entry/exit points for the market. If the park reaches maximum capacity of shoppers, we will post temporary 30-minute closure signs at the entrances. View the complete shopping instructions online here. Stay up to date, by visiting their Facebook page.
Pre-Orders are encouraged. View the info here.

Last Updated:
May 12, 2020