The chill winds of November are upon us, once again out of nowhere (the only way fitting for spontaneous Virginian weather systems). As we throw away our decaying pumpkins, we now must prepare for the winter holidays! What better way to lift our collective spirits than to marinate the turkey, light the menorah, or google the best local Christmas tree farm? Today, we must gather all of our local ‘FredHeads’ as we announce our exciting plans for Holidays in the Burg!

As all of our residents are aware, no city in Virginia celebrates the holidays quite as festive as Fredericksbug. Join us at the FXBG Winter Wine Fest to partake in only the most classic and joyful of holiday drinks, from cabernet sauvignon to pinot grigio.

Visit Historic Kenmore for the Wee Christmas Dollhouse Show and Ferry Farm’s Gingerbread House Contest, where judges will rigorously determine who has the most Christmas spirit. Spoiler alert: it’s YOU!

Check out two renowned historic sites, Rising Sun Tavern and Mary Washington House, which will be holding FREE open houses! 

In the past, Fredericksburg has given every other Virginian locality a run for its money when it comes to holiday spirit. This season, we ask that you join us in highlighting Fredericksburg as the most cheerful and joyous of holiday cities. Join us as we search for the best hot cocoa in the city (we are always looking for recommendations to feature!), or compete to see who has the best-decorated Christmas Tree around. Join us as we make this holiday season one that even Saint Nick himself would envy! 

See all the Holidays in the Burg events here.

Last Updated:
November 4, 2021