There is no better way to close out 2021 than to celebrate that it is finally ending. This Friday is New Year’s Eve, and we hope that you will spend the night joyously (and responsibly) sipping champagne and sparkling cider, while watching Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen down tequila shots on CNN. The morning after the festivities, many establishments in Fredericksburg will be open to serve you some delicious brunch items. Here are some of the options available for brunch on New Year’s Day. 



Perhaps the only Fredericksburg brunch where you can have Ice Cream for Breakfast. One of Casey’s brunch items features french toast topped with nutella butter and ice cream. What a way to start off the New Year!


Foode & Mercantile

Foode & Mercantile has more to drink than just mimosas and bloody marys (although both are delicious), as this Saturday you can enjoy their menu of gourmet espresso-based drinks. You can also partake in their steak or veggie tacos, omelette of the day, and multiple egg dishes, whether on a biscuit or with a side of bacon. 



Enjoy these delicious, creative biscuit items, topped with everything from egg and cheese to pulled pork. Washing it down with a pomegranate mimosa only adds to the experience. 


Mason-Dixon Cafe

After a night of celebration, there is no better way to start off 2022 than eating the Chicken & Waffles with bacon maple syrup from Mason-Dixon Cafe.



Let’s switch it up a little. This Jamaican restaurant features wonderful weekend items such as Ackee and Codfish, and cornmeal porridge. 


Rebellion Bourbon Bar

In addition to their wonderful Starlight cocktail the night before, which consists of champagne and whiskey, Rebellion has more up its sleeve for the following morning. Enjoy their delectable Hungry Lobbyist and Daisy Duke sandwiches, with perhaps a glass of top shelf whiskey as well. 


Sedona Taphouse

This young restaurant in Fredericksburg has a delightful brunch menu, from Avocado Toast to Steak and Egg Hash. Not to mention one of the best beer lists in town. 


 Sunken Well Tavern 

Spend your New Years Day morning at Sunken Well Tavern, One of the few places in town where you can find a Classic Eggs Benedict.


Tito’s Diner

On Saturday morning, enjoy some Country Kitchen Favorites from Tito’s, including Country Ham & Eggs and a Chorizo Skillet.

Last Updated:
December 29, 2021