There were a number of accomplishments for Fredericksburg this past year, from the opening season of the Fredericksburg Nationals to the partial opening of Riverfront Park. But as 2021 comes to a close, we believe the time has come to focus on the new. Here are the exciting developments in 2022 for Fredericksburg:

New Trails

In 2021 we saw the unveiling of the newly refurbished Chatham Bridge. In 2022, Chatham Bridge will connect to the Belmont to Ferry Farm Trail. The bridge and trail are due to connect in April. 

Fredericksburg Nationals

Swing by our new ballpark for the second season for the Fredericksburg Nationals


Next year, in an effort to consistently innovate, FunLand will be introducing their new Tailgaters Grill, as well as a state-of-the-art ropes course above their arcade. 

Harry’s Alehouse 

The beloved restaurant off of Plank Road will be opening a new location downtown. Enjoy a great beer selection and delicious food!

Historic Half

This half-marathon established by the Marine Corps was unfortunately virtual this past year. Next year, participate and spectate in person in downtown Fredericksburg!

MD Eats 

If you thought we had enough delicious burgers in Fredericksburg, think again: a new burger joint, MD Eats, is coming soon!


Our good friends at Wegner Metal Arts have a few tricks up their sleeves before their retirement. Keep a lookout for their gorgeous otter sculptures, structured all around the City of Fredericksburg. 

Riverfront Park

The completion of Riverfront Park will allow visitors and residents to enjoy the full experience of our beautiful new addition to Downtown. 

We are thrilled with our progress in 2021, and cannot wait to introduce these exciting developments to you in 2022.

Last Updated:
December 31, 2021