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ANOVA LearningFields, LLC

(540) 273-3931
4303 Mount Vernon Place, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408


Gain Valuable Lessons in Leadership

LearningFields is an innovative provider of corporate training and teambuilding that combines outdoor Civil War battlefield instruction with indoor debriefing and roundtable discussions. We apply a unique methodology designed to reduce day-to-day dissonance in internal organizational operations and improve the bottom line.

By focusing the lessons of battle-tested commanders on identified business problems areas – such as risk management, communications, time and resource management, and human resources – we can improve efficiencies to positively affect both individual and organizational performance. Courses target areas identified in advance by clients as being in need of improvement. We translate critical battlefield decisions, good and bad, into practical business lessons.

The instruction leader employs extensive knowledge of battle strategy, operations, and tactics to create a vivid and memorable learning experience that participants can take back to their organizations to enhance their own performance and that of the sponsoring company.

Business Benefits

Being informed about the success and failures of battlefield commanders improves performance in:

• Risk management and anticipation of adverse events and potential threats

• Communicating with superiors and subordinates clearly and concisely

• Allocating resources in the most effective way, including human resources

• Managing time for maximum effect, both personal time and team schedules

• Enhancing the power of coordinated teamwork