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Fredericksburg Tours – Civil War

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1016 Lafayette Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA, USA


The Battle of Fredericksburg
‘The Campaign on the Rappahannock’
Travel with us for a leisurely drive around the Fredericksburg battlefield as we discover its Civil War history. A local battlefield guide will lead the way! Join a comprehensive tour from Stafford Heights to Marye’s Heights. We’ll explore this beleaguered city which experienced rare street fighting & several unprecedented events in U.S. military history. Join a Union brigade as they assault the fortified Confederate held position on Marye’s Heights. Our comfortable shuttle-bus will make several stops along the way so you may take a closer look, take the best pictures, and stretch your legs.
​”We take the hassle out of self-guided tours!”
The tour begins next to the “Picket Post” Civil War Antiques at 1016 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

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Fredericksburg – “Assault of Marye’s Heights”
Follow General Burnside and the Army of the Potomac’s winter campaign as they drive towards Richmond in December of 1862. Delays, confusion, and uncertainty would take a heavy toll on Union forces. We’ll visit Union headquarters on Stafford Heights, view the city bombardment, and see where the river crossing took place. Then we’ll go through the maze of street fighting and hear about the city looting. We’ll follow the waves of Union attacks across “Bloody Plain” on the Confederate held position at Marye’s Heights. Last, we’ll see where Robert E. Lee’s headquarters was. Time: 2 Hours Minimum

Fredericksburg – “Prospect Hill”

Explore the southern front of the Battle of Fredericksburg which is often overlooked and misunderstood. The most decisive action of the battle took place here on December 13, 1862. Follow the “Pennsylvania Brigade” of Maj. Gen. George G. Meade who was able to pierce the first defensive line of Confederate Lieutenant General “Stonewall” Jackson at a place called Prospect Hill. In recent years, this part of the battlefield, known as “Slaughter Pen Farm”, was the largest battlefield preservation acquisition in US history. This was achieved by the monumental efforts of the “Civil War Trust”.  Time: 2 Hour​s Minimum

Chancellorsville – ​”High tide of the Confederacy”

May 1-3, 1863 saw Lee’s greatest victory after one of the most audacious maneuvers of the war. Lee and his men had defeated Union commander, “Fighting Joe” Hooker”, an adversary more than two and half times their size. This will be the Army of Northern Virginia’s last offensive battlefield victory. The second-bloodiest day of the Civil War and the day when one of Confederacy’s greatest icons, Stonewall Jackson, fell mortal wounded. Time: 3-4 Hour​s ​

The Wilderness – “Grant takes command”

May 5-7, 1864 was the opening battle of Ulysses S. Grant’s sustained offensive against Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, known as the Overland Campaign, was fought in an area of dense wooded undergrowth known locally as “the Wilderness”. While Grant vowed to never turn back…Lee moved into the Wilderness to block his advance. The Wilderness would burst into flame with the clash of these titans ! Time: 3-4 Hour​s​

Spotsylvania Court House – “The Overland Campaign”

May 8–21, 1864 saw the second phase of the Overland Campaign. The two armies shifted from the stalemate in the tangled Wilderness to fighting around the most formidable defensive works yet seen. Most commonly known for the horrific 22-hour hand-to-hand fighting at the “Bloody Angle”, this engagement actually went on for fourteen long days of battle and maneuver. Grants said it best to Washington “I intend to fight it out along this line if it takes all summer”. Time: 3-4 Hour​s

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