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Rising Sun Tavern

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1304 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
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While not serving food or drink since 1827, the Rising Sun Tavern Museum provides a lively interpretation of Tavern life.

The site now known as the Rising Sun Tavern was constructed in the early 1760s as the family home for Charles Washington. The youngest brother of George Washington, Charles Washington was a gentleman involved in Fredericksburg politics and civic life. Charles Washington also contributed toward the Patriot war effort in Fredericksburg during the American Revolution: Charles signed the Leedstown Resolves denouncing taxation without representation, organized and enforced boycotts against British imports, and helped supply the local militia. After moving away from Fredericksburg in the early 1780s, Charles founded Charles Town, West Virginia.

For the next several years, the property was owned by Charles Washington’s oldest son, George Augustine Washington. By 1792, the property was purchased by another gentleman and Revolutionary War veteran, Gustavus Brown Wallace. Soon after purchasing the property, Colonel Wallace decided to lease it out as a tavern. Through the following decades, seven tavern keepers leased it from the Wallace family. It was known by several names in its history, including the Golden Eagle and the Rising Sun.

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