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The Workshop

(540) 358-5418
1101 Summit St, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401


Making is not a thing of the past. Indeed, we as human beings have an inherent need to craft things with our hands. For some people, that means that we have a need to create things out of wood.
We feel that there are plenty of others out there just like us. People who want to learn to become fine woodworkers, people who are looking for the space and tools they need to get started, and those who are not even sure where to start, but just know that they have a need that they must fulfill.
So, we came up with The Workshop. 
It isn’t a wholly novel concept, similar operations have sprung up around the country, catering to the need to create and build that so many of us are seeking. Some are focused on metal, some on Maker Bots, some on cars or motorcycles. For us, we are initially focused on making things with wood.
What makes our concept so likely to succeed is the critical mass that we have here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have thousands of woodworkers, and we have a vibrant arts and maker community – but we have no community woodshop.
So, we have decided to come together to create this new local business. 
Each of us have different skills that we can bring to bear to ensure the success of our venture. We have business experience, and understand what is necessary for the success of a fledgling venture such as ours. We have many decades of woodworking experience amongst us. We also all have a commitment to giving people the opportunity to make things.

For a list of upcoming classes, view here.