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Paint the Town Postcards

We are all looking for a boost of optimism and hope during this time. So we asked ourselves, “What would help make us feel a little better?” The answer, “Let’s color!” Coloring always brings cheer, peace and optimism, both for the creator and those that enjoy the creation. So start coloring today! We have created a new postcard series to help you get started. If you send us your colored postcard masterpiece, we will display them in the Visitor Center to share cheer with all.

How can you get the Paint the Town postcards?

  • Print Series 1 here
  • Print Series 2 here.
  • Request to have them mailed to you by filling out the form below. (If you would like to mail to them to loved ones, please request the postcards.The postcards take a standard letter stamp to mail through USPS)

Color your postcards and share your pieces of art on social media with #fxbgcolor #lovefxbg #fxbgstrong

If you would like us to display your postcard in the Visitor Center window, please mail it back to us at: Fredericksburg Visitor Center, 706 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. *Please note that the postcard takes a standard letter size stamp to mail.

This postcard series is brought to you by the Fredericksburg of Economic Development and Tourism.