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Xquizit Coffee

703 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA, USA
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Our coffee is sourced directly from farms in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, an area that produces some of the world’s finest coffees. Our 100% arabica strictly hard beans are grown at over 5,000 feet above sea level at the foot of the Cuchumatanes mountain range. They are hand-picked at their peak freshness and naturally sun-dried to provide an optimum natural coffee experience.
We take great care in our roasting process to bring you the most flavorful, aromatic coffee possible. We roast only in small batches, less than three pounds at a time allowing for a much more even and controlled roast. Our coffee is roasted locally and we pride ourselves on bringing you consistent perfection with every batch. Once roasted, the beans have citrus, caramel and chocolate tones with just the perfect amount of acidity yielding the perfect cup of coffee for every enthusiast.


  • Coffee shop
  • Outdoor Dining