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Virtual Fun

Take the scenic route without leaving your home. Virtual travel can be fun and exciting. Explore what the Fredericksburg Region has to offer. From the epic battles of Fredericksburg to the boyhood home of George Washington in Stafford to the falling of Stonewall Jackson in Spotsylvania you can simply cannot find an area where history is more preserved and celebrated as it is here. So whether you’re at home trying to find something educational or looking to be entertained, we have gathered up a list of Fredericksburg Regional things for you to do.

African American Heritage Trail
Explore the places where African Americans worshipped, lived and labored in the Fredericksburg Region.

Art Time for Kids
Weekly Art Instruction for students K-6th grade. Curriculum is Enriched with Art History lessons and explores drawing, painting, and even sculpture! To adapt to the limited access of art supplies, the projects will mostly use art supplies available around the house. 

Gari Melchers Home & Studio
Fun and learning doesn’t have to stop because the museum is closed. Gari Melchers Home and Studio staff has a great list of resources (printable games, digital jigsaw puzzles, activity packets and more) for you and your family to experience the museum virtually. View all the fun here. #MuseumFromHome

Historic Kenmore and George Washington’s Ferry Farm
Read stories from Historic Kenmore and George Washington’s Ferry Farm on the Lives and Legacies blog. Print out Little George and take him on a adventure at in your home. Write your own letter to George Washington. You can see these activities and more here.

James Monroe Museum
Learn about the life and presidency of James Monroe here.
How well do you know the early U.S. presidents? Test out your knowledge with our #handsonhistory crossword puzzle, download it here.

Shannon Airport Museum
Take virtual tours of the museum’s rare collection of airplanes. Videos can be seen on their Facebook page here

Story Time with Rappahannock United Way
Looking for Story Time? RUW Volunteers have read over 20 stories. View their YouTube playlist here.